Thursday, April 2, 2009

are you SERIOUS right now?! WRONG TIMING NEGRO!

ok...its 4:37 in the morning my black ass is still up YES! THIS IS WHAT I DOES! IMA VAMPIRE I SLEEP LATE! GOT A PROBLEM?! lol nah 4real thought my black ass finally decides to go up to my room to try ta get sum shut eye..and you kno wha fuckin happens? do you KNOW what fuckin happens?! i left my fone upstairs to charge. i figure..hey! wats the point in having it around me if no1 is gonna mothafucking call? (f.y.i im talkin' about dude who by the way name is joshua everyone calls him josh buh i call him jay) WHY I SEE DAT I GET A VOICEMAIL FROM HIM?! OH WAIT! NOT ONE! BUT TWO! TWO MISSED CALLS AND TWO VOICEMAILS! HE WAS FINALLY ABLE TO BE AROUND A MAFCUKIN FONE! IM SITTIN HERE RANTING ABOUT HIM TO MYSPACE BUDDIES AND AIM BUDDIES WEN I COULDA BEEN UPSTAIRS AROUN THE TIME THAT HE CALLED ( WHICH WAS THE TIME I INTIONALLY INTENDED ON GOIN UPSTAIRS) SAYING ALL THAT ISH TA HIM! UGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO MIND YU I HAVENT SEEN DUDE IN CLASS FA 2 DAYS SR8. SO I DONT SEE HIM TAMORROW EVEN IF I DO WHO KNOWS WEN IM GON BE BE ABLE TA ACTUALLY TALK TO THE NIGKA! GOSHHH DAYMIT! THE TIME I DONT HAVE MY FONE AROUN..HE WANNA CALL..AND I WANNA NOT GO UPSTAIRS EARLIER...MMM MM MM!GOODNITE! >:/

P.S &nd you kno what? now this shows me that obviously he didnt have no way of calling. so that one we can check off the list lol.
#1 voice mail:" ginaaa you gon be mad wen u see yu missed my calll. i finally got around a fone. and wanted to talk. you better answer ya fonee" #2 voicemail: "GINA WHEA ARE YU?! ANSWA DA MAFUCKIN FONE!*LAUGHS*((HE BE JOKIN ALOT HE A FUNNY DUDE. ND HE KNO HE REALLY LAIGHING CUZ HE KNO HE CANT SERIOUSLY TALK TA ME LIKE DAT ND GET AWAY WIT IT MHMMM) LMAOO GANITEE :)

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  1. lmao WOW. someone's a lil obsessed ;) hehe just kiddinnnn