Friday, July 24, 2009

eva since dat day i knew it would change everythin.

i had been contemplating ever since dat day witha or not 2 delete u nd keep it movin, frum wha was said on ya part about me.becuz i couldnt see us movin forward frum dat. u hurt my feelins like whoa makes me mad dat ya did. dat u actually effected me cuz i knew u in such short amount of time. but i didnt delete u cuz i was like mayb dat would be takin it 2 far? u kno wha if we still wind up bein koo? nd move forward? like tryn 2 be in denial or be postive about it. cuz dat would be shitey dat wha i didnt do dat bothered u SO much would end it. nah mean? but i look throu my list nd see dat ya did. nd im upset. cuz im like ok dats da end of it i guess its time 2 move on completely? i shoulda did it first like i kno dat souns childish but i shoulda. like im SO stupid im tryn not 2 beat myself up about it but i have.ive kept quiet kinda but shit i am bothered like why would i think shit would move forward wen u said 'idc' and 'idgaf yo life dont have 2 revolve aroun me or have me in it wouldnt make a bit of a diffrence 2 me cause i can adjust and get ova it'..those were yo EXACT words. do u kno HOW bad dat hurt me? like nd i liked u? and den u tellin me dat wow like u liked me afta a month of knowin me?(1st off theas no timeline on likin sum1 u can liker sum1 at first glance i actually took da time 2 kno u a lil bit more den i do any otha nigga u KNOW we talked for hours and everyday and about sum deep shit so dont try it) who says dat 2 sum1? dats is ya an ass. u saisd so many shitey things 2 me nd i didnt deserve it. like and u didnt even care AT ALL how u said it or i had 2 make sure dat i was readin wha i was readin. talkin about u tried 2 spare my feelins yet u put me on stealth from yahoo which is basically blockin me instead of "bein real" and tellin me at first hand wen i bothered u. like dats sum punk ass shit nd dats 'sparin my feelins'? nah.sparin sum1 feelins is by bein sr8 up forward wit dem about sumthin frum get go BUT breakin it 2 dem gently and bein considerate of dey feelins. NOT like tellin dem dat u blocked dem off yahoo nd dat dey shouldnt have liked u as fast as dey did and dat dey dont matter in ya life.especially if u kno dey like yu? like why have tried 2 spare my feelins alla dat time if wen u finally says umthin 2 me u just sr8 was a jerk?do me a fava nd dont spare ne1s feelins again cuz u dont kno how 2 go about it ya an ASS.nd i still have da convos saved 2 my fone so im not makin dis up.u made me feel like i was sum stalka! lmao like im laffin out of astonishment it was hella insulting and i felt ashamed. like 1st off u would vent 2 me nd i gave u my opinions like dont get mad at me if i felt a certain way about homegirl frum wha u told me. but wen u got mad at her u went back aroun nd said da shit dat i told u last time rite? mhm. im not prying or assumin wen YOU tell me shit and ask for MY advice. get dat sr8 homie.ima know it all? nah not in da least. know alot? yes mayb if u dont like it like oh well? its not like i was bein an ass or bein jealous or sumthin.i dont do dat. i didnt act like i knew u.i knew alot about u frum wha we had talked about so i had a JIST of wha u was about or so i thought.cuz now im feelin like u was fake towards me wit alla da shit dat u came outta nowhea. i was like WHOA wha u had made positives about me and said dat u liked nd u turned dem in2 negatives nd gotta problem wit it now?da last few times dat we talked dog we was good!thea was no arguing from wha im aware of den im blocked randomly?nd i ASKED u if i did sumthin u LIED 2 my face. its like u went bipolar on me. smh yo lemme chill im venting ranting and goin off smh its probably betta dat we just act like we dont kno eachotha now dat i think about it smfh let me just leave it alone.

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