Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i went 2 da club!

FINALLY! hallejuguar lmao howeva u spell dat madea ghetto mess on sunday nite it was funn. i ripped my pants! lmfao i was doin da 'pop lock nd drop it' and by da 2nd time i did it i ripped my pants my nigg! nd pepo was watchn me! cuz i get attn like dat yu knoo *brushes shouldas off* it was funny as hell lmfao thank God my homgirl had a sweater but den i couldnt dance wit a nigga anymo dat nite had 2 be cautious lmao ima try 2 go again on wednesday nite! hope it works out *note 2 self* dont drop it all da way gina lmfao my bigg ass. my computa fucked up nd i have 5 mins lef on dis shit at da library lmao "see yu wen i see yuuuu!"- martin lawrence ;-)

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