Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it sucks

that the 2 people i really cared about recently are not aroun ova sum BULL.nd ive recently so badly wanted 2 approach 1 of dem nd let bye gones be bye gones but idk how can u do dat when u feel that you had everyrite to have been upset and dey da ones dat did yu shitey? like how do u go about doin that? ive never been in that position b4 where ive 2 confront the person dat did me shitey nd wanna move on frum it. so this is weird 2 me that im even feelin dis wha if dey dont even wanna be koo witchu anymo?or ignore you? so den u feel stupid cuz u feel like well shit i didnt do nethin nd yet im trynna let it go nd pray it wont happen again nd move forward nd u tellin me u dont wanna do da same? id feel hella stupid. nd dats wha i keep thinkin about nd whats keepin me frum actually hittin dis one particular person up. the other can sr8 go 2 hell even thou i miss dem but dey made it pritty clear wha time it was so i guess i gotta keep it movin.but dis otha one smfh damnnn. idk wha should i do hmm?

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  1. i've been in your situation more than once. alot of my "friends" do me grimey because i'm so reserved and such a nice person, and i can't hold grudges, so i'm always the person to go running back.

    i feel like if you are feeling some type of way about the friendship/relationship then you should hit em up. let em know how you feel and then let them come around. if they don't talk to you and make things cool, then there's nothing more you can do.

    you might feel stupid, but if you feel stupid then obviously you wantin that person in your life wasn't that important. just make sure you let them know how you feel.