Monday, August 3, 2009

i been thinkin

just for da hell of it

to put a fuck yu list puttin "laffin my ass off" but im serious.

cuz theas just sum pepo dat have done me shitey dis year dat i considered really close friends.and i dont even kno why dey did it.sumtimes u wonder if its you.cuz u do need 2 look deep down inside and wonder if u had a part in dem leavin ya life.and observe yaself.cuz sumtimes it is yu and not i always analyze every situation.2 make sure ok this went that way now should u have felt dat way? should dey have felt dat way?should u have said dat? how would u feel if u was in their shoes?how should go about solvin dis? i do dat lol.lookin at it frum both sides if da story and every aspect.i dont try 2 make myself out 2 look like da betta person if i am not.but i analyzed ova nd ova nd replayed ova nd ova da situations with these pepos but no matta how many times i go ova these situations and i remember wha happened play by play cuz those pepo had an effect in my life DAT much.or dey just stand out i cannot for da life of me know wtf i did!eitha dey had stupid ass reasons dat arent even reasonable reasonings or it was sumthin petty.i hate niggas trynna make me look like da bad person all 2getha.wen its like no its yu.or u had were at a bigga fault. i can admit wen my ass is wrong. i dont like pepo trynna make it seem like no ya in denial.yo its eitha im completelty not seein it or thea isnt nuttin 2 see. which im rarely eva not seein sumthin dats there.if its one of those times just say sumthing.dont just cut me out all 2getha.but mayb u should..cuz den it shows me how much i really matta in ya life and how much u should actually matta in mines..just me ventin a lil

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