Tuesday, September 29, 2009

recent pic of me

i dont post pics of myself but that will change.i cut the shirt myself but its mad jacked up i gotta clean that shit up loll i took this 2 weeks ago on my webcam when my computer finally got fixed!hallejuer! lol newho nuttin is new.i got on my lazy and stopped goin to class all last week smh. but i started goin today and am gonna go everyday except friday cause we dont have class and thats when ima go job hunting or follow up with the jobs that i apply for, and try to put in an hour durin the week to exercise again its been SO long i know im hella rusty lol i been loosing weight vaguely since the summer. my big ass thighs is slimming down but of course they still thick.im sitll thick and wouldnt want it any other way.i just wanna get firm and active mainly and get rid of this pudgy but not gut like thank God stomach of mines.thats my agenda as of today that ima start goin by so that im workin more on me, and bein more productive.wish me luck that i go by it. cause i know how i can be! LAZY smh. but i can keep bein lazy like this but complainin about nothing changing.i get easily discouraged when i DO try hard and it doesnt work and then stop for awhile until my common sense finally kicks in and start the cycle all over again.i need to stop.sittin or layin on my donkey ass aint gonna help shit.righ? RIGHT. ttyl :)

P.S check out my tumblr click these words for it and follow me if you have onee! youll get to see more of me and how i am on there the on here.since i been slackin on posting that much on here. i sometimes post videos or music and e.t.c that i get from people that i follow on here so i dont want you to think im jackin you just to let you ahead of time! lol

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