Sunday, November 22, 2009

and this is me being sarcastic.

i got the job on the spot last is it that THIS week they are telling me they dont know when we can start cause the sales is bad? how..what? EXPLAIN. i feel like i lost the job as soon as i got sorry i cant help but think negative a bit seeing as how i just got the job LAST FUCKING WEEK.but the job is a seasonal job and until January if i dont stay permanently so wtf? makes me feel like i wont be starting at all with the fact of them saying they dont know when we can start and November is almost over.and then today im getting some letter from them about identity and how my freaking state id address doesnt match my resume? some bullshit.i know they are probably just checking but my mom told me they can make that an issue if they want to. can someone explain these things to me and clarify before i flip the fuck out?and the fact that every time i find out stuff from when they wanted to interview me and to this they never call me. either i call them or i find out from my former job training instructor wtf is that? im the one that yall were interested in hiring? idk man. im going to call them tomorrow to get some clarity.i hope things work out. i really hope i didnt loose this job as soon as i got it.i thought everything was coming together.smfh

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