Sunday, November 29, 2009

this job situation is honestly killing me softly

like seriously.i finally was able to speak to who i needed to speak to, the store manager on black friday.i figured that would be the perfect timing.and she basically told me what i heard before sales are bad yeah i was hired but obviously not physically hired into the store hence why i havent started yet,because sales are bad and that if i have any other job opportunities i shouldnt pass it up cause they honeslty dont know.she said hopefully next week ill get a call and if not i should like come the fuck on -__- i know its not their fault but it is their fault that they hired us and werent even FOR SURE if and when we could fucking start.and its fucking christmas time coming up i dont have time for this bull.i probably could have enjoyed my first black friday but what im going to do is check out this other jcpennys that is supposedly hiring and burger king cause someone i know just got hired at BK and that;'s like 10 mins away from my house if i walk.and in the meantime i guess ill call every now and then like i said before i just hope that if i dont start with jcpennys that i can get another job as soon as possible elsewhere.i feel like i was really happy of getting a job for no fucking reason.and thats why i try not to let something get to my head at all and have happy thoughts when it seems like everything is going fine cause SOMETHING ALWAYS gets in my damn way.

its like getting happy or tihnking happy thoughts jinx it from actually happening :/ smh i hope everything comes together.i need SOMETHING some goal to happen before the end of this year.if not ill feel like i nothing good has come out of fucking 2009.i mean sure alot like obama being in office and us finally moving into a good house but i mean something i can call my own accomplishment and e.t.c =/ i feel worthless.i wish id stop being so damn lazy.and i get lazy when im on the right track WHY?! fuck is wrong with me

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