Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i dont know what im going to do once im not single anymore

because honestly i have been single for a year and some change and i flirt alot.most of the people i associate myself with i find attractive.and barely have regular conversation.well sure i do but i never really get to know them or them get to know me.and the conversation soon turns into flirting.and lets be real flirting is usually sexual type of talking sometimes.im so used to it now and its been awhile since ive been ina relationship and REALLY even talked to someone.sure a few niggas have came around but we never really got anywhere to where i would say im not going to flirt and like turn it off.well recently that is.im not trying to say that i dont want to be imn a relationship cause honestly i am tired of flirting and not knowing if someone truly likes me and want to get involved with me.cause eventually i catch feelings for certain people and let the flirting get to my head its type annoying.not trying to say that me flirting so much is the reason for why im not in one.im just not in one because ive been disappointed by my few "candidates" and they have went south everytime and didnt work out.

what im really trying to say is once i get in a relationship how am i going to be able to still keep these dudes that i flirt with and are friends with as friends without flirting? cause im not the type that flirts once i get in a relationship.its not like i turn it off on purpose cause i FEEL i need to.it just happens.plus i should anyways so that i dont cheat plus, its disrespect to your partner is how i feel.and if they are used to our conversations going a certain way am i going to be out of touch with these people? cause i see how it is when the ones i flirt with get into a relationship i be feeling all types of ways lol i dont have to necessarily like them but i feel off like wtf am i going to talk to you about now? lmao im not only saying this out of assumption im saying it because i have had that happen where it was hard to talk to them him and i both seen that it seemed weird.i mean dont get me wrong i dont got flirting all hard body with everybody or alot of people.but STILL.wtf will i do? lol any tips? hell i dont even know if yall be reading cause no one leaves comments at times i feel like talking to myself so fuck it.unless you are in actuality reading please leave ya suggestions ;]

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