Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i obviously need to be dicked down

its starting to get to me with being a loner its turning into feeling “lonely. i know this because im nagging/complaining more then usual lately shut it up right now dont say nothing about it. getting annoyed with not getting attention from hardly anyone.im a female of course i want attention!but im not going to go through great lengths and be an attention whore or groupie like.my pride and self respect thats why.so it makes it harder.but yeah me being a 18 yr. old horny freaky virgin may be getting to me now lmaoo.sike nah but seriously though anybody that ive been with ive never really gotten that affection.ive never held hands,went out to eat,had a valentine,been bought a gift AND i been single for a year and change AND ima virgin?this next nigga better be the business.

as you can see im aware of my faults.so pointing out to me that i “complain” too much (if i am when you claim i am cause some people exaggerate) is only going to make me complain more.YA NOT HELPING.

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  1. you are not complaining..you are just sharing your thoughts with us.

    i am 21 and a virgin and on top of that ive never had a bf (ill be 22 in may) and girl let me tell you it is not easy but i know i am waiting for a reason and i agree that that special someone will be the business because i have waited too long...i feel like giving up but i know He got me!