Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rihanna- Rude Boy Video & review

YO i dont think yall understand how much i love this video! lol let me contain myself. 1st of all shes back with having a caribbean/jamican type of beat to when she first came out! (i heard the album when it came out though this was one of my favs anyways but now i love it even more because of the video!) 2nd of all shes dancing! and she dances good its sexy. and 3rd of all i love the creativity. the patterns in the clothing and background this is how reggae music videos some of them or even hip hop music videos back in the day used to be! im so in love with this video! just like the so hard video i watched it OVER AND OVER again and i loved the song more because of the video! i may like this one even more!! =]

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