Friday, April 3, 2009

i HATE wen a bitch stands me up

dont you?! that gets me SOOO heated.people do this to me OFTEN. and im tired of it. this is why i dont trust mothafuckas. she gon call me at aroun 3 to see if i can chill she got her boys car she wanan pick me up. i say koo ima call yu wen im done gettin dressed. i call her an hour lata nd she not picking up the fone. an hours gon by the number calls me back nd i find out its not her fone! wth? i thought it was your fone! now where the hell are YU at? cuz she said she'd be on her way here while im gettin dressesd. here it is going on 6 and she hasnt called back or dropped by. UGH! i think thats one of the most inconsiderate shit yu c an do to people. is not follow through wit the plans no not that just the fact of not letting me know asap if yu cant follow through! or if your running late! i mean gadaym :/ ARGHH!

1 comment:

  1. She didn't want to hang out with you that's all.LMAO! but yeah I hate that too.