Friday, April 3, 2009


HOORAY! lmao on april 1oth im gon be 18 yall! lol im so happy and anxious yet scared cuz now im considered an "adult" lol lordd lol. now would really be the pefect time to stay above the inlfuence lmao. so neway i plan on geting 4 tats and 3 piercings! OMG yes im crazy lol i hope i fall through with it! lol i want to get the piercings the day b4 and the tats 2 days b4. my frien (the hoe that ledft me hanging) said she'd pay for my piercings and she knows someone that does em. and my other frien does tats and he said he would do it! only thing is i didnt tell him i wanted 3 more lmao sooo i hope he does..hell he betta its my bday! lol he might cuz he likes me muahaha lol he betta not leave me hangin else ima be HEATED >:/

ok so i want my nosed pierced the industrial in my ear and the left labret piercing

thats these things encase your lost

the industrial piercing in the ear

yall already kno the nose piercing lol and this is the left labret piercing

i want just the bold straight ball piercing jewlery and i want dem small i aint trynna go all out like sum crazy ass rock nd roller lol and den as far as da tats? i want my mamasz name name on my 4arm wit a trail of red hearts

i want the trial of hearts this like rihannas tat

&nd den i want 3 chinese symbols behind my ear dat represent

2) faith i dont know which one to choose help! lol

&nd 3)happiness the one on the rite

nd den ima dye my hairr.its been a mintue since i dyed it. i had it red. dat musta been like a year exactly the last time i had it. i want like 2 toned goldish brown color.
something like this. and it betta come out this bright or close! lol

and a chopped up layer cut. i already have a short hair cut i just want something new. and den ima get my hair diddd lol nd den ima get my toes nd nails ritee lol nd i already got my outfit ritee? lol i hope jay can show up nd da dude betta gimme a gift! lol buh if he cant he betta at least try ta show up cuz yu kno hes da one i want ta come da most =/. buh regardless it gon be da jump offf oh yess lol

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  1. I like the piercings & the tatttos ;) for the FAITH one, I like the one on the left. the one on the right just looks like it says TCP lolll. but that industrial shit is a killlller dude that shit hurts