Monday, April 6, 2009

mm...i see how dis is gon go now..

so i get ta class nd i dont see jay there thou.

a few mintues lata i here someone say sumthin sumthin jay i say out loud kinda like thinkin ta myself is dat jay? den i here him talkin nd i repeat myself.

i KNO he heard me.
dude doesnt look ta see who said his name
or nuttin almost like he knew it was me nd didnt wanan acknowledge who said it.a few mintues later he comes in nd out of the room and he doesnt say hi ta me at all or NUTTIN.hes almost actin like he dont see me. i think at one point i did feel sumone look at me nd seen him give this stern look. eitha once or twice like trynna figua me out, nd knew sumthin was up.cuz i sho enuff didnt say hi or hey or acknowledge his presence like he did me. i looked away. buh neway i notice not 2 long aftawards dat he leaves..
didnt say hi..

didnt even say bye..

its definetly clear in my mind at dis point dat hes on sum otha shit.sumtimes he says hi nd bye..sumtimes he just says one or da otha.hes not contacting me. hes not initating conversation.hes rarely lettin me kno wats goin on wit him. nd hes not speakin about there bein a us anymo. mind yu his shit is gettin 2getha back ta back no space in btwn. dont think dudes worried about me. hes just not real enuff or trynna spare my feelins ta let me kno dat he doesnt want dat anymo or didnt want it in da 1st place. so hes choosin ta let his actions speak for him instead of him sayin it himself.i hate dat shady shit.nd wen yu shady dats wen i start ta ignore no matta WHO yu are nd how i feel about yu.

lets see wha happens tamorrow..humph..

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