Thursday, April 9, 2009


im happy buh at da sametime not really cuz all of wha i had planned is fuckin up one by one. ok so techincally its not my bday cuz YET cuz its 2 a.m lol buttum i had plans taday to get my tat nd my piercings or w.e. i spoke ta dude da day b4 nd he said he'd come ta class nd id geti it done. nd den i spoke ta my frien who was goin ta pya fa my piercings earlier taday nd she said she was gonna come back to take me ta get my piecings.PLZ tell me why he didnt show up nd she neva came back? nd i have NO way ta contact dem eitha.i was SOOOO fuckin heated. nd not even just dat like while im sittin hea waiting one by one pepo are telling me that they cant come..

it went from 21 to fuckin i think 5 or 4 pepo =/. everybody had work or didnt have money or dey had sum lame excuse. like im just mad becuz i can neva depend upon nebody.sumone always lest me down.or dont follow throu.everytime shit goes rite it goes wrong. now dont get me wrong. im not sayin dis to da pepo dat really truely couldnt come im sayin dis ta da pepo dat kno dey was b.sin me or just was so fucked up dat dey stopped respondin ta my comments nd msges nd didnt let me kno if dey was comin or how can yu do dat? dat just aint rite. nd im just mad like in general dat dis isnt goin as planned. ive neva done nethin big fa my bday. or chilled iwt friens for it. its always been me nd my mom which i greatly appreciate buh yu kno now i can club nd ala dat! im 18! wanan do it big. nd now it seems like dats gon be mideocur howeva da hell yu spell it lol we'll see =/


  1. girl, ya 18th birthday came on a Friday - you lucky. you shoulda got all pretty and hit the club.

  2. i know how that is, but that is kinda messed up to spend ur 18th bday like that. its okay girl..ur 21st will be a blast. if i was there where u come. ME & THE KIDS lmao