Thursday, April 9, 2009

yea md nd you are DONE

oh yea anotha thing. i just so happened ta bum inta jay taday on my way ta class.nd as usual it was small talk.ugh. buttum so to make a short story shorter lol dis nigga hasnt been aroun class fa no good reason.i thought he was gon be takin his test dis week nd dat he got his id last week. buh nah wen i seen him he claims he was on his way ta go get dat shit. like wow so i havent seen yu becuz of why? nd den like ta end da convo i was like well yea well idk wen ima see yu aroun yu not comin ta class yu dont call or nuttin anymo idk wats up wit dat. nd its pritty apparent dat im bothered by him in my facial expression. like im not all happy like i usually am wen i see him. nd he was like yeaa i kno, buh i dont got no fone. i was like uh dat neva stopped yu b4. cuz now its neva.nd he said sumthin like well or tried ta change da subject idk. buh i tol him well yu def need ta call cuz we gotta talk we got sum catchin up ta do.nd i need ta talk ta yu.and i mentioned dat yeaa so my bday tamorrow nd he was like yeaa i kno!happy bdayyy! nd gave me a hug buh i didnt hug him back.

&nd he was like oh yea? dats how it is now? like laffin nd shit. like CLEARLY dis nigga is dumb nd dont see wats goin on. like i enva act like dat witchu. or he didnt care ta act like he knew.nd den i thought hmm..why are yu tellin me happy bday da day b4? yu not gon attempt ta call me tamorrow or chill or nuttin? SUMTHIN? i didnt even get a "wha yu doin fa ya bday?" like clearly hes not thinkin about i didnt say nethin really cuz we was outside nd he had a frien wit him.nd we parted our ways nd i cried hard once i got ta skoo out of frustration.NOW i KNO its done..i kno obviously we need closure.buh im at da point whea i dont even think i weanna here da truth even thou i do kno. buh im just DAT just shut up,fuck off,nd go die or sumthin.leave me alone. smfh.niggas...


  1. I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all, but see, I told you so. oh well, let this one go. there's plenty of fish in the sea :)

  2. niggas are a trip...i been learn my lesson about that.

    where your heart in your back pocket instead of on ur sleeve.