Saturday, April 11, 2009

soo on my bday what had happened wass smh

mann..whea da FCK do i even start?! shits been fckin up since da beginning of da week. dis is gon be da longest blog yet lmao so i hope u bored or are entertained regardless by my blogs nd neva mind how much i write lol so lemme get 2 it. it started from da beginning of dis week.buh lets bring it back ta last week real quick..

last week friday i asked my frien liani who goes to my ged center ( i call it dat buh its called the providence skills center da main thing dey so is help pepo get dey geds buh dey also help u wit jobs, if u need a ride ta sign up fa ya tests, if u need day care, nd if u need bus tickets or welfare nd e.t.c buh dats fa da pepo dat gho thea ta get dey geds.)

so neway i ask her ta go w/ me to check out the resturants in da mall cuz da mall is RITE thea. so i can choose we decide on 3. nd she decides ta take ova nd help.she decides dat she gon set up da table wit ballons nd have a cake nd alla dat. nd b4 she said she knos sumone dat does piercings nd dat she would pay fa it.buh yea she knos a dj at one of da clubs nd she teels me she talked ta do nd no1 hasta worry about payn.ok lets fast forward ta wed. .now lets not 4get dude dat was gon do my its tuesday nd of course im anxious cuz i aint heard from liani or angel nd i wanted ta get my tat done on tuesday nd i was gon get da piercings on da mean time im keepin tabs on everybody trynna see who can come nd who cant.nd mad pepo cant go like i told yall b4. so neway dude comes inta class FINALLY nd i tell him about me wantin my tat done nd if he remembered nd he was also invited fa my get 2getha on friday my bday.he was like yea ima def do it tamorrow nd yes ill roll throu friday nd asked fa my numba said hed be at class tamorrow if not he'd call. thursday comes i get ta class hes not thea buh liani is FINALLYnd homegirl trynan tell me she thought i wanted it done on ym bday. im like uhm no.always mentioned taday,thursday.shes likle iight its koo i gotchu ima go nd come back at 4. mind u i still also havent heard from sittin hea waitin almost 3 hours fa dis fckin girl! >:/ in btwn alla dis more pepo are tellin me dey cant come or are dis point im very frustrated nd i cried a lil nd im like nahh im gettin outta hea i aint waitin no mo.

friday bday. yayy. w.e lol im supposed ta get my hair done in da mornin nd den get my hair nd nails done nd den go home nd chill fa a couple a hours nd get dressed b4 da get 2getha at 7. sooo my dumbass went ta bed at like 5 or couldn sleep till den =x usually i wake up still cuz i always sleep late.buh i wake up an hour b4 i hafta be thea. im like uhh im not gon be able ta be on time,so i call da beautician she tell me she has a prior appointment nd dat me bein their in an hour would be enuff im gettin dressed nd talkin ta pepo seein who can come still nd who cant.its da same shit diff. day. so now i only now dat only 3 or 4 pepo can come fahso =/ so im contemplating buh im like fck it at least SUM niggas can gon try ta make da best of da shit even thou im really hella dissapointed nd am STILL im callin da lady ta see if she theahea it is 1 nd she still aint thea.i dont go thea till a quarter ta 3 nd da lady just got thea not 2 long afta i got thea =l. she dont start my hair till 3:3o.MIND YU im gettin a color nd perm ndf style. doin ONE of those things takes like a mintue yo.

i dont leave thea till 8...da reservations was at 7..everyone i talked 2 dat COULD come which like i said is now 4 pepo excludin myself are also runnin i kno watchu thinkin..did u even call da mopthafuckin pepo at da resturant bitch?! YES NIGGA! lol i called dem like wen i 1st got ta da salon nd told dem ta call me wen pepo arrive fa sayin dat cuz idk if sumone dat cant contact me dat wasnt gon come buh plans changed comes thea at dey can let dem kno wats goin not one of those inconsiderate negros lmao. i called 3 or 4 times ta double check mayb every ahour nd a half.dey said dey would inform me.no1 calls.which brings me back ta think of all wha she aid she was gon do nd how dey havent called ta tell me dat anyone showed up..yeaa bitch is GRIMEYYYYY. so neway we decide 8:3o fck da resverations.i go ta get my nails nd toes done lemme kno im a rush so i cant even enjoy dat =[ dey dont finish till 9:3o my next bus dont come till 1o ndf i still gotta go home tqa chnage inta my outfit =x . my frien was waitin in da mall fa like mayb 4 hours fa us she'd figua she stay thea instead of go home nd come back cuz she had ta go thea tra do sumthin.thank God she didnt honestly mind da wait nd had prior shit tamkeep her occupied at da mall.buh i still felt hella bad

nd den at da last mintue wen we finally decide on da time fckin 11! smfh she gets a call from her mom about a family emergency nd her havin ta be thea at 11. my otha frien was still doin her kuzzo'sz single braids nd had ta finish it dat nite so she couldnt come nigga frien was still waitin on his money.nd my otha frien she was koo. so now only 3 can go buh now it seems like we might as well EFF DA MOTHAFCKIN PLANS! so we decided ok tamorrow (sat.) comes tamorrow HELLA shitey outside nd im in dat fck it mood nd pepo are tellin me dey have ish goin on da pepo dat was able ta go yesterday cant go taday i said FCK it next werek fri. omgggg. LAST attempt.i hit up everybody bein MAD real qit em. yu free friday? ok dont plan SHIT we doin it next week.let a mafucka kno ahead of time if yu are considerate if plans change up nd yu cant go.get it? got it? good? lmao im sayin it like dis NOW out of aggrvation buh i wasnt rude wit dem like dat.buh now it seems like itll def go down next week friday.nd sum pepo dat had last mintue shit nd couldnt go or w.e (no not a 4 dat coulda ACTUALLY came sum of da 21 pepo from get go well includin da 4) are down. in da mean time me nd mommy tamorrow (sunday) are gon do like old times wit a dinner nd movie nd try ta do sumthin fa my actualy bday well u kno wha i mean closer ta mty bday lol soo yeaa keep ya posted on datt! loong as hell rite? lmfao i wrote a mafuckin book smfh

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