Sunday, April 12, 2009

oh yea p.s

da color i got? WAYYYY off its like a goldiosh blonde color. i liked it at first so ddint complain buh afta awhile i was unsure nd thought it mighta been 2 lite., i asked pepos opinions nd sum liked it nd sum didnt said it was not me darker colors are betta (even thou dis isnt da color i wanted i showed her da pic i dunno how da fuck..nvmd lmfao) its 2 lite nd also 2 close ta my skin color. nd now im noticed aside from their opinions im undecided nd confused on how i feel about it lmao. dats not good lol one mintue i like it da next i dont.nd fa da sum reasons dat my friens dat dont like it mentioned. sooo i mio den ikely will change ta da bropwner more vibrant color dat brings out my complexionl.cuz dats wha i go for in colors.dis color is justt...THEA lol.its OK. nd it looks pale up against my skin color soon as its safe fa me ta color it again i think im gon do so.buh heres a pic! lemme kno your thoughtss.wanna kno wha ta i aint fishin fa compliments i already explained my situation.cunstructive critism is neccessary.dont be an ass thou lol. leave it? 4get it?if so wha color persay? i cant get da fckin ligtying rite wit my hair.its darker in person.nd probably looks betta 2 lol even thou i still dont care for it. here its looks like a light ass brown.its def a gold color.w.e lol

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  1. i still think you should have BLONDE hair, this isn't blonde, it's lite brown :)