Sunday, April 12, 2009

wow. wha a shocker.SURPiSiGLYYYY lol..

from da way dude been actin i wouldnt of expected dis especially da day b4? actin like he didnt intend on calling cuz he told me happy bday like day b4 my bday? .


as much as im mad ta him i couldnt help buh smile nd be ecstatic cuz i cant just turn my feelins off dat fast yu kno?buttum i talked ta him a lil about it.he called me on nd off durin da way.buh i was busy nd shit. buh i got a couple a answers.i couldnt ask or say wha i wanted nd all of it cuz of whea i was at ndd like i said i was busy dey he had ta call back nd blah. buh basically he doe still like me.he does want sumthin ta happen wit us still.he didnt realize dat he was actin da way dat he was actin as far as da shadiness goes.cuz he be in a rush in out of da skoo sumtimes so he dont notice.buh he had no excuse on da calling which i got on him about.he has no time fa himself cuz he workds fulltime every fuckin day.sfh dats murderr! lol no wonder i wasnt seein him aroun as often!buh i was still like look.yu cant leave me in da dark. i should be knoin dis shit. nd im knoin like 3 weeks afta yu been workin. been thinkin dat u lost interest.nd was leadin me on nd doin ya own thing not worried about me. nd he was like daym im sorry buh at da same time he was mad he was like im not even goin ta skoo thou so if u dont see me at da skoo den obviously im like i shouldnt hafta figure it out.

U should be tellin me.nd also witout me havin ta ask.nd i was like basically my main question ta u dat i want u ta get back on me wit if u dont kno da answer now is, should i be doin me nd u do yu nd me 4get u nd move on cuz im waistin my time?or should i do me nd u do me buh still keep us in mind nd u ACT like u intrested nd keep me posted nd at least make sumtime ta call me AT LEAST? nd he didnt kno da answer.of course thou! especially cuz i put him on da spot 2 so he wasnt prepared fa alla dat lol

i could see why he wouldnt kno thou. HE knos his i said i really dont, hes left me in da dark.cuz if truely likes me buh he feels dat he cant commit a LIL witout it bein offical like just tryin ta call nd openin up more on da basic general shit? he knos hes waistin my time buh dont wanna do dat cuz he feelin me.IF dats da case.buh he betta let me kno asap.cuz i told him sr8 up its gon on long enuff dis bein in da dark aint rite.its unfair.ndd if u feelin me nd want sumthin wit us more den nethin? u could try a lil harder.cuz ya ways are shoin dat u not intested.nd im almost startin ta feel like i waisitn my time.cuz i aint gon chase yu.hmph..;ets see wha happens wit dis one..cuz i SWEA if he doesnt call within da up comin week or 2 ? im sayin 2 at max.cuz i kno he got work everyday nd is fulltime nd it might be more impossible now ta get ahold of sumone wit a fone da way shit is now a days.buh if not btwn dis comin week nd da next? im not pressi it anymo cuz NOW he knos whea my head is if he want dis he'll take me more seriously.cuz its obvious i aint playin no mo.

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