Sunday, April 12, 2009

BITCH ARE YU CRAZY?!?! lmfaoooo

oh my daymmmm.lord have wen my frien ka'reem told me dis i was like WHAT? i went onto my daily black or actually minority (mainly black thou) enter
tainment site i be on! nd i almost fell at da ga'daym chair.1st off its DEF a risk taker (like my new hair color lmao) so i respect dat!BUT she is dumb as hell for havin one side of da hair long nd da otha side a buzz cut?!

now how d FUCK did u think dat was gon pull off?! mayb if u had ya hair like a short cut.buh nah boo yu look like u 2 diffrent pepo lmfao.i def didnt expect dis from her.she seems so glam like.wha she trynna do a rihanna now nd go rocker ish? i dont thinbk its gon work fa u lol nd im sittin hea lookin at da buzzed cut side like hmmm..she def could pull dat off.she one of those real pritty type models dat can pull it off like amber rose! actually betta!

amber rose.(the lighting dat i did put dat birth lookin mark shit dunno why lmao)
those heels? are KILLA by da way lmao rock dat wit a leather jacket dat same color?! oh yesss lmao

buh newayback ta wha i was sayin! shave da whole shit off girl! PLZ! =/ she def would look way betta.its like my hair color.she pulls it off buh its still kind of a no no.its not BAD buh it DEF aint good lol


  1. wow. that is really some shit to do.

    btw, what color is your hair?

  2. she needs to flip her hair over to the other side, cus that shit is NOT cute.

  3. LMFAO! Cassie is ugly anyway.She got that Brittany thing going on.

  4. lol
    :) thanks for followin.
    i didnt realize you commented.
    imma update some new poems soon.
    thanks hun ! lol