Tuesday, April 14, 2009

im starting to irritate myself

with this dude man.i hear from him and just because i hear from him nd get sumtyope of reasonable explination im kinda ok.i thought i was sr8 up with dude nd he still hasnt called.mm..shows how much im on HIS mind.i mean i know hes goty a fulltime job every fckin day.nd who knos wha else is goin on.this is feelin like my que ta drop it rite now nd do me. he doesnt care enuff about me to think about me like that.erspecially with the shit he got goin on now.

i cant be waiting around.they always say dont wait around for no man.no man is worth that.cuz if you got to wait then that means hes not capable of giving you want you want and need.cuz i aint gettin no calls hardly no answers witout me askin even then im still not givin the REAL answer.hes not makin the time.regardlkess of how busy he is he would make the time, IF he really cared like i do for him. now im not trynna deny how he feels.cuz u kno niggas have weiurd ways of shoin it sumtimes,.always contradicting themselves witha they mean to or not/still so stupid.

im goin throu alla dis.well actually..all of NUTTIN buh still wen i have cried..da stressin..da worryin.bein attached not knoin if i should or shouldnt. buh sumtimes knoin that i should..nd sumtimes knoin that i shouldnt.fa sum nigga dat cant even take da time ta put me inta his life nd make time buh claims dat he feelin me like dat still.all dis..all these probelms as if we was 2getha! buh we not! &nd if i were ta wait who KNOWS how much longer i would be waiting?i cant even or want 2 imagine.becuz these days..these weeks..have gone by SO fast dat i havent even realized dats its been eitha about a month or a month period.no visitis.nd only 4 phone calls i think.nd still havent gotten da answers dat i NEED ta hear becuz even thou it may be A answer dat i need 2 hear there's still other questions!i hate havin ta ask.why cant he just tell me?like is he hiding sumthin?this aint goty SHIT ta do wit him not openin up so easily cuz theres shit dat i need ta kno.all i kno is if he does come aroun he DEF fon hafta work for it..nd work for it hard..im anxious and annoyed nd hating the anticiaption..

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