Wednesday, April 15, 2009

iN33D ta qet money!

real talk! yes God comes 1st.buh wen u dont have love u need money u wont hafta worry about a nigga.u can pamper yourself wen u stressin.and alla dat good shit.i mean hell eva since he got his job look how he treatin me! i hope nd PRAY dat i get this job with 18 now nd NOW is def da time ta be independent.ive always been like taht i dont hafta depend upon matta in any way shape or form dat i depend on sumone dey ALWAYS fuck up.nd like a dumbass it takes me awhile b4 i TRUELY stand up for myself.

buh neway im gettin off topic lol.cvs is really good.i love the stuff that they sell there.there prices arent that bad.they have good customer service. nd there benefits nd $9 per hr, puts icing on the cake! lol plz lemme get this =/ april 28th is the interview in 2 weeks omgosh shit smfh.nd this would be tye only way my mom would keep the internet on my sidekick! lmao wtf is a sidekick witout internet?WACKNESS MY NIGG.nd den it can keep my mind off DIS nigga nd if he aint worth it? DEF get me ta get ova him wit a quickness.-sings- i need money money money! i need money! lmao :).. =/..=[

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