Thursday, April 16, 2009

"well...thats just life"

SHUT UPPP! im so tired of hearin that.yea i know.but life is a bitch wen ya less im def happy nd greatful that im able ta have lil things like a roof ova my head, and food in my stomach,clothes on my happy ta be able ta dress sumwhat they dat i want and bein style, and have a sidekick or da i.e or cable! nd cable in my room! lol nd finally livin in a house.those are da bonuses dat alot of people dont have.but EVERYONE wants to better we tend to every now nd den be ungreatful and selfish and nagg.

well dats wha im doing now!so ya gonna hafta excuse me. i NEED a job. i WANT a tru man. i WANT tru friens.i kno i do buh ta be honest da only tru friens i feel i have are sadly a couple of myspace pepo! just cuz dey dont live here dont mean dey casnt be friens.dey human beings 2. i dont wanna here dat shit sucks cuz dey dont live here! dey all scattered in diff, states.nd these are pepo ive known fa like a year or more.fuck the people in providence i dont wanna live here anymore.i want a new beginning. i swear this is the city of shady people,fake ass broads nd stunnas, and shady ass niggas.more here then everywhere else cuz its so daym small lol

its like u can have a frien or associate. i usually call my assoicates "koo pepo" meanin pepo im koo wit.dat doesnt mean dey my frien.cuz dey dont kno me personally like dat just like i dont kno dem personally like dat, nd we dont chill or dont barely often.i may vent ta u nd u kno sum ish nd u vent ta me buh u still dont KNOW me like a frien, ya digg? well i may have "koo pepos" buh im startin ta notice these pepo have certain ways about them to where i dont know if i can trust them. nd wen u dont have trust u dont have anything.sumtimes it seems like u only have yaself,God nd hopefully ya fam.and even thou thats the foundation sumtimes dats not u REALLY gotta have faith in God.cuz dats da only solution to everything falling inta place.thats why sumtimes all i CAN do is pray.

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