Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ok.sooo. wats going on here? =/

okayy. so HI! =] this is my very 1st blog entry thing a ma bob lol. im gina if you dont already know me from youtube or myspace! that THAT is out of the way lol

ok so im kinda sorta talkin ta this dude? i know like wth is kinda sorta? lmao
we WERE talking. feelings are still there and we want shit to continue (from what i know) but we recently decided to put us talkin on "hold" so he can get his "shit 2getha". now im not gonna let yall know ALL my SPECFIC business on here lol. but i do know what he needs to get together. what he means by that to sum it up is he wanted to straighten out his personal life dat is disabiling him from being the guy that he sould be if he were to talk to someone or go out wit someone. he already on the verge of that now.

BUT gina is starting to notice that there is other things that this dude dont have 2getha. NOW. we only decided to put shit on halt mayb a week now. but i havent chilled wit him outside of class (my ged center place) in 3 weeks. nor has he called (he doesnt have a phone but he called alot more often den now which is..never).

i mean we have made small talk and have talked about like us nd trynna figure out but that has led to more frustration. so neway like dude are you avoiding mee? are you not interested anymore? or are you trying to clear your head of everything all 2gether so even though its not me thats just the way its coming off? and even IF so why cant you be a man and say that i mean what is this middle school? i appreciate the fact that MAYB you dont want to hurt my precious lil feelings but im a big girl. so let me know what the deal is.and he has been honest. BUT 98% of the time its because gina has the balls to intiate the important conversations or in my opinion be the one tio find them important. so yall what ima do is. im not gon play no games, nah dis girl DONT do dat. BUT im so pissed that i dont really want to ask him wth is going on, speak to him period. ima do me like he doing him. and see if he gon think to ask or even notice that something's wrong. ill keep yall posted! ttyl :) COMMENT!

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