Thursday, April 2, 2009

today was pretty koo

yea guyss it was pretty koo. i had small talk with jay and (not on the topic i wanted to) but he seems to really be getting his shit 2getha yall! he said he's going to take his last ged test next week (which is the math test like me only thing is HE'S good at the math lmao). cause he finally got his i.s which you need to have inorder to take the test. thats incase slick mothafuckas wanna try to have they friends to take the test lmao. dey smart cuz id try it! lol nah im playing lol.

so neway and then he said he might be gettin an apt. with his homeboy. which would be hella fuckin great cuz he lives in a different city in rhodeisland dats like hella far nd he aint got no car so thats also one of the main causes ta why we dont chill as much as we can added on with the private time.hell that IS teh reason theres no private time or dates lol.

but its great period cuz dude is 21. so im glad he has the common sense to know that he need to get his shit 2getha. cuz yall KNOW sum stupid niggas dont, because they thinking in the moment and not having long terms goals. OR SHORT TERMS! lmao now dats just sad =/ lol but yes he was looking yummy taday lmao he wears dreds and he had em breaded inta 4 big breads inta pigtails MAD SEXYYY llol its funny cuz i NEVA woulda thought b4 him that id be with someone with dreds or i mean talk or like W.E! lol. YALL KNOW WHAT I MEANN lol .never had a problem with it! cuz some people be having it clean looking like ex. lil wayne. (jay dont got em dat long mayb ta da bottom of his ears buh he wants them that long) but other be having it where it looks like rats tails nd shit all bummy nd UGH lmao but yea iam post another blog! im done with this one lol

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