Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ya old news cuz i gotta new new! ahaha

soo update on homeboy.he surprisingly once again called me on saturday.nd i let him have it.nd da niggas talkin about how hes confused on us nd his life blah blah nd once i told him we shuld take it slow which im never sure i mentioned ta yall lol but dat changed it for him.and dats wen he pulled da crap wit us bein on hold not 2 long afta.so newayy he calls back again on sunday and basicaly ta sum it up we had the same convo we had wen HE put shit on hold. but now it more defenative this time. hes basically sayin dat he does like me alot and was fallin for me buh doesnt want or cant commit becuz of his ex.girl doin him wrong.which makes me LIVID as FUCK.like how da fuck yu gon allow yoself ta get so deep or even sumwha get involved period and suddenly realize dat yu cant? BULLSHIT!ya such an ass.so i told him look wtf do i look like stickin aroun not knoin wen yu gon get ya head on sr8 nd come ta ya senses?we not on da same page.and you missin out on a good thing.mayb we can work up ta bein friends eventually nd see wha happens buh im not gon wait aroun anymore.im nopt gonan expect nethin anymore.knoin its gon be like a 25% chance or less dat he'll come around.DUMBASS.YOUR LOSS!

buh den i started ta think like yesterday nd taday like WHOA.uh uh! dis nigga lied ta me AGAIN! cuz i already knew about homegirl b4 we got started nd we've talked about her more den once durin and it was never a problem den.nd den i started thinkin sumore like WOW wen i wrote him dat note dat we needed ta slow down (cuz we was sumwha started messin. I wasnt doin shit lets put it like dat lmao)nd get at kno eachotha more.dats wen odl dude started actin funny.dats probably all he eva wanted nd got mad dat i wasnt gonan give it up 2 him!LEARN FROM DIS LADIES! ND DIS IS WHY I NEVA DID DIS B4 ND AM A VIRGIN.DO NOT MESS AROUN WIT A NIGGA WHILE YALL TALKIN UNLESS DATS WHA YU TRUELY WANT!DONT MIX MESSIN AROUN WIT TALKIN ND GETTIN TA KNOW SUMONE!ESPECIALLY WHEN HES NOT YA MAN!HE WILL GET DA WRONG DAYM IDEA!thank God GINA didnt do shit lol i had neva done dat b4.he was da only one.nd i guess he thought he was dat special nd i was DAT attached to where i would change my morals.buh i came back ta my senses! nd he hated it!so fuck him!kick rocks! i will learn from dis! lol nd remember old dude dat wa supposed ta do my tat dat liked me? we talkin now!DAY afta! ima beasttt lmao :)

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  1. see, i t0ld yu not to do nuffin with him. or, let him do anything with yu. that's all he wanted. t0ld yu s0 :)