Wednesday, April 22, 2009

stfu ungratefulness

oh yea! &nd gettin his life 2getha? like i said he is nd i told him to like ya makin sumthin out of nuttin!ya bein all confused wen u dont have to be nd have 2 good things goin on for yu.fuckin dummy.either he really believes da shit hes syain or is in denial or is trynna think IM stupid! he got a job nd he bout ta get his ged.hes so selfish nd ungreatful nigga was talkin about quitting his job just cuz its minimum wage.DO YU KNO WHAT KINDA TIME WE LIVIN IN RITE NOW?! AND YA 21?! THIS ISNT A TIME TA BE PICKY!DO YOU KNOW H0W ANY PEOPLE DONT HAVE JOBS AND HAVE FAMILIES TO TAKE CARE OF!A JOB IS A JOB AT DIS POINT IN TIME PLAYA! hes sucha dummy trynan act like dat was da main problem for why he put shit on hold.nd i knwo he still lyin about teh workin evberyday all fulltime cuz he be comin ta skoo in da day! nd he said he works in da day! and there sdays where he'll call me in out of da day! NEWAYS POOF BE GONE HE DOESNT MATAT NO MO! i just wanted ta mention dat as well.dis new one is kuta nd dresses betta nd is sweeter nd we goin on a date on friday or saturday yee :))

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