Saturday, April 25, 2009

wow man

sooo i havent seen angel or heard from him since i said monday nite he was supposed ta call, seen him tuesday and he told me "he 4got" like at least lie lmao.dats the one thing where u need ta just lie about lmao and den he sais dat day dat he would call DAT nite but he didnt. =/ nd he asked me out on a date for friday i think it was? nd i had a feelin if he didnt call on tuesday nite and i hadnt heard from him or seen him since dat he wouldnt follow thought with that. i hope nuttins wrong.den again i do lmfao not like life or death shit but because i hope i dont have to cut him loose already b4 shit even gets started.cuz he mad koo and hella kute love his swagga yall very disappointed. but ima lay low nd be koo and see wha happens next week and shit.hes TOTALLY gon hafta redeem himself yall like real we might not even go on a date yet! now it might just have to be fone convos nd den work our way up cuz i dont think hes deserving of one now oh so serious thou yall. we shall seeee

1 comment:

  1. dude yuhr SO blind. no offence or anything, but if he's "forgetting" to call you now, wtf makes yu think that if ya'll ho0k up he's gonna be this lil g0od boy?? c0me on Gina I thought yu was smarter than that. I d0nt even kn0w this nigga and I already see hes a dumbass. cut him lo0se, I keep telling ya. 1 day when he breaks yuhr heart, don't make me say " I t0ld yu so "