Sunday, April 26, 2009

job intervieww

i have a job interview on tuesday for cvs guyss. if i didnt already mention that.oh wait i did! lol but just reminding yall again very nervous. cuz i would hate to have taken the classes and having to take the job application AGAIN (even thou i passed it da 1st time but it was ova 3 months) and that all go in vein.ughh dat would fuckin SUCK ASSSSS! i dont evn thou if i got i passed the job application again =/.cuz dey have it where its like a test almost if u get red u dont stand a chance. if u get yellow dey MIGHT give u a call. if you get green ya def in da zone. nd i got green da 1st time. buttum the classes i took were not neccessairly for cvs.not like they were cvs classes.but they were to prepare was a customer service class. nd den at da end of da class we took a national retail ferderation test.if u got it yu was def still in the clear for da cvs positions and get a NRF certificate.which could help yo ass BIG time as far as jobs especially in retail.cuz its national DUH lol so it woudlnt go in vein but i mainly did it for cvs. =/

oh yea! and i set my test date for my math test. i dunno if i told yall buh i been gettin my ged. nd for MONTHS now ive only had da fuckin math test left! lmao well now im finally done nd shit and ive done sum pretest for it nd did pritty i set my test date da next one is for fuckin june 15th =/ dats enuff time buh at da sametime too far away.cuz im done now. like wha ima hafta keep goin ova old material for a month until my test date? =/ i dont think so lmao cuz ima still need the information fresh in my mind.especially since i have a retention problem wit dis math nd shit.but yea a month is uneccessary. ima see if i can get a closer date with my skoo nd shit on monday.asee if dey can give me da hook-up for like mid or late may.cuz its bout ta be may afta dis next comin weekk.WISH ME LUCK GUYSSS.

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