Saturday, May 2, 2009

everythings going good :)

daymm i didnt realize dat its been like a week since i kept yall posted! da week has flown by hella fast lol.but neway the interview was greatt.i was not nervous.the lady was not intimidating at all.she was very friendly.and she gave me more information about cvs.and it sounds better than i already thought it was.i was smiling, she her hand firmly,thanked her,asked questions, made eye contact,dressed nice, and most importanly complimented her on her outfit nd haircut (which no b.s she was lookin nice or w.e). and apparently i ddi the best out of everyone dat interviewed that day yeee.and we have a ghood chance of all getting jobs.BUT there was more pepo dat needed ta be interviewed on ill kno by dis coming week. pray for meee lol

i dropped angel.i still ddint hear from dude dat weekend.nd i seen him tuesday on my way to go ta da interview while he was jsut livin the building.and i made small talk nd eventually casually asked u kno wha happened? why did mafucka say wha u talkin about wha i do?nd u could tell he was serious.i was like are u serious?! u didnt call me nd den wha about da date? nd he was like OHHHHH im sos orry i been busy blah blah i ddint sweat it in da moment cuz i was happy ta see him nd was tryn not ta get mad since i was bout ta walk inta dis i spoke ta him on thursday nd i told him u kno dats bullshit dat u can act so intrested nd 4get about about a fone call nd a date.if u really intrested in me u wouldnt 4get.i dont wanna hea it.i mean i aitn sweatin it cuz nuttins tarted buh u pritty much already fckin up nd remindin me of dude. (nd he knew about jay nd wha happened). so i said u holla at me wen u "have da time".we can be koo now.nd wen u "arent busy" we'll see. (yea rite 4get it i am not waitin).he was dissapointed nd felt bad buh dats da end of dat. nd i kn o it.buh its ok cuz while he was doin him i was doin me nd doin me wit sumone else lmao so now hes dropped nd tehas sumone else. see i learned from jay oh yess ima beast :)

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