Tuesday, May 12, 2009

nothings new yall lmao

nothings new at all.thats why i havent written in here lol.my job training teachers are waiting to here back from cvs but they gon get on dem cuz dey trynna have them wait and they not having it lol.im kinda sorta still goin ta skoot a brush up on my old material to have it fresh in ym midn until my math test next month.rite now im a loner again lol.dude imt alkin 2 dont live here so its not like i can chill with him lol.im finding out ONCE AGAIN who ym true pepos are nd once agin im seeing that its my close friens from the internet nd my bestie who also doesnt live here lol how fantastic.i NEED ta get outta dis state man smh.i STILL havent gotten ym tats or piercings from these pepos.i almost done even care about it anymore cuz wheneva i do see them dey always say ok such such day nd dotn be aroun its bad enuff i dont have a way ta contact dem smh.well my frien with the piercings BUT her aunts a bitch =x lmao i dont wanna call her house fone lol.cuz i tried to last week nd she snapped on em for like really no reason so im scared yall lmao.im really scared for her cuz i might tell her off lol but NEWAY! dats all thats goin on wit meee.everythin is slowin comin along but it needs ta speed up da proccess lmao

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