Wednesday, May 13, 2009

daym what should i do?

dude im talkin 2 is REAL koo.and i was feelin him and all. BUT somethings missing.i cant put my finger on it. i dont feel that spakr anymore.usually wen im talkin 2 someone im real inta them liek the whole way through.and eva since last week i been feeling i liked him alot very attracted to him BUT sumthing went diffrently.and its weird because im nerve in this situation where theres a good dude and im feelin him and then im not lol matta fatc im never wit a good dude! and this one could actually be good and yet all of a sudden im not feelin him? and he has the same personality as da dudes dat im intrested in.i dunno he not talkative enuff or have dat loud vibrant personality im attracted to.wth should i do? should i wait it out a little more or like what? cuz he said he could see himself goin out wit me taday nd im like ohhh God lol i dont wanna wind up goin out wit dude if ima regreat it.i feel like sucha bitch rite now smfh HELP!

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