Sunday, May 31, 2009

im tired

im tired of bein disrespected.i am not a joke when i mean something i mean doesnt matter who you do not get special privileges to playfully degrade me.the only thing that makes you diffrent is the fact that what u said cut.yeah i just met you,this is what makes me even more the fact that i just met ya ass and its buggin me this much.mayb its becuz i felt like we had a deep ass not talkn about romanticly now hold ya horses im saying as far as how we think,intelectually,mentally,logically alla dat...yo ass know what im talking i felt like you was really knowing me and understanding me and i was really knowing and understanding you.once again yo ass i dont know why you would think to try me.u already seen how i acted to homeboy when he said the shit that you said.and yet you thought i was gon react diffrently? or did you not care? or mayb u wasnt thinkin..yea i would like to and REALLY hope thats what it acting like you dont care kept pushing me and laughing at it.and then hit me up today like nothing happened.and didnty barely say shit wen i explained to you why i was mad.didnt apologize.i wasnt expecting that from disspointed.and im mad cuz anotha nigga fooled me again.yeah we just friends but if you want me to be honest..i started to like you..i dont know whats gonna happen now.cuz im sho nuff not gonan go out of my way to say anything.i ddint do shit wrong,and i know i have every right to feel this way towards i guess this is this sucks dont it gina? smh

1 comment:

  1. Man, I know exactly how you feel on this one.
    It's like whenever a dude does something wrong they NEVER apologize. Be it a friend or someone you're talking to. They feel as time goes by the situation will just blow over as if nothing ever happened. It's bad enough you got disrespected, but him not apologizing for disrespecting you is a no no.
    Kill dat. He's not even worth it.