Monday, June 8, 2009

soo just ta talk about something diffrent

i went to boston dis weekend.i havent been there since i was 13 lol.well ACTUALL visit nd chill.i was thea last year for my bday nd da day b4 it ta shop nd shit.i remember i used to go there for mayb 3 to 4 yrs in a row for bring your daughter to work was so fun! lol i rememba gettin up 5 a.m ew hated DAT part thou lmao took da train thea had my lil magazines nd cd playa nd shit to keep me occupied for the ride. we'd get breakfast once we got thea nd id help her work nd i remember her frien/coworkers daughter mariah she was like my buddy every bring your daughter to work day days lol . nd we'd go for lunch at mcdonalds nd go to the childrens museum that was da BEST part sonn lmao.nd id get a gift.i loved it yo! lmao nd den at da age of 12 and 13 durin the divorce we started goin ta boston ta vist my moms frien nd her daughter mariah just to get away from my crazy ass dad durin da seperation/divorce and have fun.i remember the festivals dat we went 2 dey was DOPE.both of em was cape verdian festivals dey be gettin it lol da food be good and we had the spray stringy shit we got that EVERWHEA lol.nd i remember goin ta dis party mayb my first party and i remember dis kute ass boy dominque washington one of mariahs friends lmao he wanted to dance wit me so bad nd i wanted ta dance wit him mind u i be gettin it IN wen i dance lol buh i was SO scared.dats wen i was shy.all da kids was in da basement freak dancin, da 1st time i eva saw dat shit. i was scared da females was gon get raped or close 2 it nd dat we would be caught lmao ahh da memoriess lol

but newho so mariah graduated today.yesterday we came for theyir cookout.da food was goo wha WAS left of it since we was on dat c.p time wit da train nd shit :/. nd there was sum kute niggas nd BANGIN ass music. but no1 BARELY danced until dey got drunk enuff sum of these females.but it was a lil 2 step,a lil windin wasnt shit.DEF wasnt shit on me PSH nd my brotha was SO heated dat it wasnt crackin like a party cuz da djs sho enuff was nd so was da music lmao.SO upset.we usually start da dancin buh w.e. i shoulda bagged a couple of da niggas dat was checkin me out cuz you KNOW! lol aha

but neways her graduation was koo.she looked real pritty nd so did gina! cuz u kno i had 2! lmao its not about me lemme shut up lol (ima upload da pics on my myspace) her mom was gettin SO mad cuz pepo was givin her shitey ass directions shit was hilarious of course we was late! buh just intime for dem ta start callin da kids names! it was short.its a latin academy but mad negros man.unless thea was a few of dem spanish pepo dat LOOK like negros lmao a couple of pepos was all dancin ta get dey awards lmao shit was FUNNY dat WOULDA been me lol no worries it will be for college :) while we waitied for mariah ta get called up i was thinkin like gadaym dis coulda been me nd got sad. but oh well cant dwell on it.i WILL move forward wit da education speakin of which my test is next week OH EM GEE WHOA IS ME! lmao im scurred i havent reviewed for a month PRAY FOR ME! back ta mariah thou she was all jumpin up nd down it was kute lol da ceremony was short son!it wasnt shit lol nd den wen we got home we grubbed nd blah came home wack ass train ride back. we gotta visit again ASAP! sorry caroline dat i didnt get a chance ta see u INPERSON myspace buddy lol WOMP mayb next time! but yess dats all fa now :)

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