Tuesday, June 9, 2009

wishy washy niggas are pathetic

idk why but i have my guard up rite now.for once i really do. just cuz i flirt witchu nd say i like u doesnt mean i take u seriously like dat.DONT get it twisted.cuz sumtimes these niggas be gassed nd ego up ta da sky makin lies to they friens.yall have NO idea.u be thinkin we dont kno.buh how can i take u seriously unless u show it FORREAL. cuz if u seem wishy washy den why bother? dats how i feel about this one dude (not da one im sayin i MIGHT love) dat im supposed ta be talkin 2? i dont fuckin kno.hes a lil playa.basically its like this with me at this point in time.if you dont respect me and my feelings or seriously show that u WANT to prove that you like me and i feel like i have to coach u how ta do that? den ya just a lil boy and dont know what u want.and thats to any1.im tired of coachin.if u aint already thea dennn..wha are u hea for? i need emotional and mental stimulation? i can already get the physical stimulation.dats so old to me.matta fact ive always wanted more! but i always get 100% physical nd half ass or less emotional nd mental.whea are u at kute person with emotional and mental so strong nd high? SHIT! im waitin! LOL

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