Wednesday, June 10, 2009


soo there was this person i used to like in my last year of being in school b4 i dropped out.he was a really koo person,we was koo friends.NEVER told him i liked him.with that being said i stopped talking to him for particular reason.once i dropped out or b4 i did nd stopped going to skoo i did talk to him every now and then but the communication at one point just stopped.we randomly started talking again this past weekend, and im not gonna try to act like i wasnt a little bit happy about it lmao

so neway he graduated today! yayyyy! lol and i was talking to him on aim while he was at his when he actually did graduate i noticed in one of my friends aways that she mentioned "congrats james" nd e.t.c otha i was like hmmm lol and i asked him if he knew her.he was like i was like wha she look like? cuz u kno it could be ANYONE. her name is very common lol JUST ta make sure. so he said yea im da one she talkin about in her away.i was like wordd? how u kno her? he said "places" now wha in da FUCK?! lmao dat souns suspect lol.he was like nah im kinda sorta talkin ta her.NOOOOOO lmao i was like well shit this is awkward.nd im surprised she aint tell me about u.she usually tell me wen she talkint a sum1 since i started talkin ta her recently more often.he was like why it awkard ? tried ta let him leave it alone buh he didnt want 2! lol i was like cuz i used ta like yu. dude was MAD lmao."daymmm"."daym." " :/ i didnt know that" i was like why does it matta ta u? he was like cuz i used ta like u 2! WORDDDD?! lmao "im bout to leave such nd such" OH NOOOO! lmaoo =x

homegirl is hella pritty.i feel pritter then me. nd she HELLA im like u sho about dat one?! lmao he was like idk lmao.randomly he askes if i live at such nd such street cuz i told him b4.i was like yea.he was like well im in da area can i come by nd say hi?WORDD?! lemme check my hair nd breath REAL QUICK! lmao so he came by. we had a lil small talk.nigga was smellin hella good. lookin good in his lil grown nd sexy atire MMM! lmao buh yea he said he would hit me up lata wen he come back from his afta party which he was on his way 2 wen he came by my crib. my dumbass shoulda been like gimme 10 min.! lmao shoulda went. oh well! lets see if he hit me up lata =x lmao

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