Sunday, June 14, 2009

EH! =/

FUCK YU! buh...ibeenmissnyouformayb2days...(that actually says sumthing)
:/.. :(
im mad im admitting to that.
cuz i dont want 2
becuz im still mad

i dont feel that i should be missin yu AT ALL
and that makes me frustrated dat i actually do
from w.e happened in that situation
and what was said and done as a total
it hurt and i still contemplate on our friendship
and if it should continue
if u have anything to say or will
cuz u have ta my otha blogs relevant 2 yu. just dont say anythin
if its gonna be fucked up.keep it ta yaself den..PLEASE.
i dont need ta feel even more stupid for da fact dat im actually missin you..
but..i do...
i needed ta get dat out
thats all ima say..

on da up note my final ged test is tomorrow! and im studying as we speak
just figured id write this REAL quick.WISH ME LUCK GUYS! =]...=/

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