Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i need to STOP having expectations

honestly though.i need to stop having expectations from "friends" or "niggas" just EVERYONE.because i get fucked over every time.wither it be in general from people,or just dat particular person everytime.im sick of people's bullshit.why i have 2 people leave me hanging wen i had that BIG ASS test yesterday and they was supposed to chill with me? especially seeing that im hella upset,emotional,and semi depressed cause im pretty sure i didnt pass at all.you figured you would fall through? but NOO.u leave me hangin to go chill wit ya boys and you leave me hangin to go chill with your on and again off again every couple of days semi- abusive could be cheating showing off infront of his boys like a little boy ego tripping boyfriend.how fucking considerate is that? and then the ONE person i would expect to be there even to at least say good luck WASNT.i dont get a sorry i get a "oh" and half ass answers and replies like you dont even care.i wouldnt even have expected that from you. like i understand mayb u wasnt in the best mood for w.e reason but you usually are still there and still talk to me.but lately i feel like you've been resentful.idk if i did something but shit.mayb im just seeing that.but i HIGHLY doubt it.

oh and yeah remember the "player" i was supposed to be "talkin" 2? now i dont kno if YU are a dumbass or yu think IM a dumbass.but how is that u can tell me that u like me and we already esatblished that i like you just for u ta say that "i never said i wanted sumthing more den a friendship btwn us i just told u i liked u" WOW....REALLY?!..SO WHY TELL ME YOU LIKE ME U STUPID FUCK! "i mean i am feelin yu i just dont think it would work =/" WHY DIDNT U SAY DAT B4! U FUCKIN PUSSY! nd thanks for ignoring me afterwards.like i said.i always have expectations of friends and people that im interested in.or dating or w,e u wanna call it because i know what i give and what i do and i want the same in return.and den dey do the unthinkable out of nowhere that i wouldnt even expect them 2. and its like why do i even FUCKING bother?i dont even do HALF the shit that people do to me.i get so fucking annoyed. cuz then wen i flip out people are so ga'daym ignorant and inconsiderate or mayb even immature that they see it as "not that big of a deal",or me being "emotional",or "dramatic", knowing DAMN well if they was in my shoes they would be bitching to!now THAT is what fucking kills me. i need to just stop having expectations and then i wont be so surprised or dissapointed when sum1 lets me down.i need to just have my mindset on for the worst to happen.or a back up plan.so that it wont get to me EVERYTIME.smh

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