Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson may you r.i.p

my hands can barely even write this shit..its soo fuckin surreal.ive attempted to make a video for my youtube ever since i heard the news, but my mother's ga'damn laptop is havin the web cam spazzing out.ive tried every fuckin minute and its not workin.yo my hands are shakin.just a couple of days ago i was watchn his music videos and world wide tour on youtube for some hours and a thought came into my head with the fact of seeing so many other icons and legends passing these last few years.i said to myself..what would we do if HE died? how would we act? and then to have heard that he passed away yesterday fuckin BLEW me. They confirmed that michael jackson at the age of 50 was pronounced dead at ucla medical center at 2:26 p.m pacific time. and i was devastated. on 1o6 & park they started his countdown by playing 'you are not alone 'and i balled cryin man.i honestly started crying and hard.NEVER once i thought i would cry over a celebrity. i dont even know dude who am i..or we to cry? but shit..he was supposed to come back for the last time..i never seen him in all i have is the memories of me watching him perform on t.v smfh

i grew up listening to this mans dad was a huge i remember every damn interview,concert,ANYTHING of michael jackson on t.v my dad recorded.i remember his HIStory tour and his 3oth annual anniversary concert. i especially remember the world wide tour.those females went CRAZY crying ripping their shirts off, being topless,getting on stage with him and clinging to this dude like white on rice.straight up acting like they were possessed.i remember how damn scared i was i really thought something was wrong with them! lol ive watched the jackson 5 movie SO many damn times! honestly , who hasdnt?! and ive seen the wiz real young but recently seen it again like just some weeks ago and love it smh and as i got older i really got tp see and realize how great of an entertainer that this man was.he is fa nominal.and so unique and rare in every aspect of his being. from his way of dress, to the tone of his voice, from his versatility of music, to his creativity in his videos.i mean EVERY video was bomb as hell. and even though we have way better graphic and computer skills now a days u cant help but still be at aww when you see thriller , and leave me alone and ghost the videos!

and did i forget to mention his dance moves?!thats what makes him michael jackson!ONLY michael can do the shit that he one can glide so fuckin slick like gadamn silk the way that this man did the moon walk. NO ONE can hit those points and kicks so intricately like him.they can try or maybe come close but not just as fuckin great. who the fuck else can get away with touching their dick on stage and it be ok? SOMEONE TELL ME WHO THE FUCK ELSE?! and the way his music makes you feel?..omg.. I SAID THE WAY HIS MUSIC MAKES YO FEEL! lol ohhh man..the way that THIS MANS MUSIC MAKES YOU FEEL I REPEAT is just ridiculous.its like a high without taking the drugs.its like going to heaven without dying yet.its like your fuckin soul has left your body and has been uplifted into paradise. from his mellow songs to his rock or pop or r & b beats you felt the same way every would get a damn happy ass chill on ya neck , back and arms. it sraight up takes you have to close your eyes an feel the words,harmony,and feeling behind his is SO very unfortunate that this sudden death has happened.he was the 7th child out of the 9 kids of joseph and katherine jackson. and the 1st to die out of the 9 children as also the parents.which is even more devastating.

Michael has been an icon to other artists such as: ne-yo , chris brown , justin timberlake , ciara , omarion , usher , and marques houston. who are the main artists who can imitate his choreography very well.The most shocking thing about michael that i LOVE is that he was so damn humble,kind and modest.Never once was he arrogant or cocky. no matter howe bad people talked their shit about him this nigga was like jesus when it came to still wanting to help the people out and still loving him. even though not everyone loved him. and with all the fame and talent and riches that he had? he was sucha good person.and so very youthful.if his songs werent about love it was about our people and us uniting as one and erasing the color lines, and helping one another out as a people PERIOD.Through songs like earth song,we are the world,black or white,man in the mirror, and heal the world. He embraced all cultures and races with open arms through his music and personal life.nobody has gave so much back to the people and charities as an entertainer like michael did.i know through out the early 9o's up until today there has been so many allegations of him molesting kids and bleaching his skin.and im not sure honestly id he did rape those boys that i would look at him the same. but PLEASE out of respect if your mama taught you any better PLEASE do NOT talk shit.why are we talkin about the bad that he supposedly did at a time where hes no longer with us? yall some shitey ass mothafuckers perez hilton and others.lets just take the time out to show our condolences to his family and to his legacy.i can only IMAGINE how his family must feel.the public hadnt even known him to be sick at ALL.michael jackson will FOREVER be in our hearts and in music history.he will NEVER be replaced.he was the greatest entertainer of all time this dude is a musical GENIUS, and a true icon and inspiration.


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