Monday, July 6, 2009


im not even playin.idk who da hell supposed ta stay for awhile,forever or just leave.idk who real fake or in btwn bein half ass about it.but i figua if u in btwn u might as well GET DA FUCK LOST. cuz i dont need annoyed with pepos shit.tired of bein sick in tired in dis ima jsut play it off like u matta or make myself believe dat u matta nd keep a smile on my face wen deep down im really wonderin wth u gon do ta fuck up like da next person becuz i dont trust u even thou i secretly want 2 cuz i want sum1 to be hea.nd not sumtimes.i mean all da time.really askin how im doin cuz u REALLY give a fuck.talkin 2 me cuz u ACTUALLY wanna talk ta me.just REALLY bein a hi by how u doin wha u doin ima act like u matta DAT much wen u really dont lets flirt cuz u kute but wen u annoy me ova petty shit dat i shouldnt be mad about ima ignore ya ass or sum fake ass shit of dat nature. oh yea nd FUCK niggas BIG time.good-bye.

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