Friday, July 17, 2009

im not deleting this blog

i've made a personal one just for my eyes only thou.but i doubt i would be writting in here as much.this wont be so personal now.cuz im done with that. well next week is my mommy nd bruthas bday the 22 my mommy the 23rd is prince nd da 24th is jojo lmao MAD weird son rite? im da one all da way in april lol nd den da followin week my mama is goin to have a hystorectomy surgery =/ pray for her. she gotta go 2 da hospital tamorrow 2 get a blod transfusion cuz she low on blood nd she cant be low on blood if she doin dis surgery nd she needs it BAD. get worse nd worse da longa she waits.she not gonna be able to mobilize herself for about a month or 2. she takin 2 months off of work so me nd my bruthas gon hafta get off bein lazy nd work 2getha to help her out so they'll be less stress on her. she dont need alla dat. next weekend i MIGHT be goin 2 boston by myself to visit a myspace homie dat i seen da last time i went. i really wanna see dis otha kute myspace homie dats visitin thea dat weekend dats why im forcin it for next weekend lol but i slipped up nd told my mama he was a nigga nd now she goin all investigator nd parental control on me nd sayn i cant go. ill figua sumthin out sum lie nd pray dat i dont get kidnapped lmao im gonna be wit my otha homie regardless nd its gon be day time. needs 2 let me would be my 1st time goin outta state by myself :) if not i plan on goin 2 virgina by myself next month.hope BOTH workout thou lol.well dats it for now guys.lata

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