Thursday, August 6, 2009

it's crazy

lil things like goin to da club has made me feel alot better about da shit dats been goin on in my life lmao. cuz i had been in depressed mode for mayb da past month or so.failed my last GED test miserably,loosin close "friens" ova dumb shit dat made me realize dey really werent tru friens(actually like i say tru friens arent friens at all),messin with these stupid ass niggas who havent been shit frum nuttin,not findin a job,not goin just had me in a stump man.i mean i still am a lil.but now im more like wantin 2 go out nd do sumthin nd shit.jus frum me enjoyin myself.nd its been fun wen ive finally went clubbin lol for da past 2 ta 3 weeks ive went about 3 times nd im goin 2 a party tamorrow nd da club next week b4 i go 2 camp.i kno yall like wtf camp nigga? lmao its a christian camp.i kno yall like wtf christian camp? lmao ive went since o7 da shit is bomb lmao its just like any ol' camp all da activites and shit just we have chapel in da mornin dey be playin gospel music and wen we have meetings we talkin about God like short sermons it be koo. the majority of da pepo dat go there are miniorities u can relate betta.but yea dis year im old enuff to be a camp counsoler and im trynna be dat.i hope i do good!i aint trynna loose a child up in da forest or a child get hurt lmao dats why id rather have da older kids lmao like aroun my age.ima ask nd pray on dat one. dis would be good on my resume 2.cuz its volunteer but neway back 2 wha i was sayn things been lookin up or mayb ive had a more postive outlook frum clubbin and actually gettin out nd doin sumthin nd enjoyin myself.ive started readin books again.(i kno yall like how da fuck can da club do dat? lmfao)tamorrow ima go job huntin.i hope everythin works out.just a lil update on me lata niggas :)

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