Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ok im back =]

well i been back since sunday frum my trip 2 camp for a week.it was alot of fun.did yall miss meee? lol it was a diffrent expereience cuz i was a camp counsler dis time nd not a counsler.i had a few issues that happened but i handeled it well.it wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be. they played pranks nd took our dorm flags nd some of ym girls mattresses lmaoo dey was whilin.i had 2 get "ghetto" and cuss them out.i think i scared them lmao.so much for keeping it christian.Lord 4give me =/ im hopin 2 see a whole munch of niggas in new york next weekend for labor day weekend.hoping that works out.then i might be able 2 get my piercings FINALLY! cuz dey get da hook up a few of dem. we'll see wha happens.i know if we go itll be hella fun.ima start back up again goin 2 class the tutoring thing is working.ill try again but it seems to be the furthest thing from her mind and she doesnt have the time.i have the drivers ed book so ima start reading that so i can get my permit and then start back up looking for a job.gotta get back on my responsiblites especially with now that every1 is about to go back to school and they'll be nothing else to do lol.but yeah thats it fgor now im doing ah oh kay :)

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