Thursday, September 17, 2009

I havent written in here in so long

well it feels like longer then it actually is because i dont write in here as much as i did before.and here i have more followers then before and im neglecting.i am sorry lol.i love tumblr.i been cheating on you blogger lol.this is boring compared to there.there you can actually converse with people.its kind og like a blog mixed in with myspace lmao.hell i dont even give a fuck about myspace anymore.ill start back up again i promise. but i dont have much going on so there isnt much to say.Ive started back up again with my classes FINALLY.because the Lord knows i am a procrastinator x2.trying to take my test again in late nov. unsure depends how fast things go.and i pray and hope i get it this going to go job hunting tomorrow.updated my resume since i did 168 hours at that summer camp in august.which btw the new york thing did NOT work out.i dont even wanna fuckin get into it.WAY too much drama and im unsure about my friendships with this people.but anyways alot of jobs are hiring so hopefully it works out.i want to get my GED and a job before the year is up.i am going to go so hard on calling these jobs and looking for one.some niggas is going to get annoyed but i dont give a fuck.cause IM annoyed of not having a anyways thought i'd update you guys.if anything else changes or happens that i find interesting i will update. laters <3

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