Friday, October 16, 2009

we females need to stop trying so hard.

and i am definitely putting myself in that category because of somethin that happened recently. please dont chase no are asking to get hurt. dont be too forceful with trying to flirt or letting a nigga know you like are asking to get hurt.if a nigga says one thing but his actions say anotha thing and the shit dont make should probably go with his actions.dont ask questions that you dont want to know the answer to or that you do know the answer to but still wanna ask anyways. if he doesnt wanna open up dont press it.that is your biggest mistake.just give him time.or let it go.if hes showin signs of not bein interested as more den a frien or is saying i dont like u as more then a friend avoid acting on your feelings.and try to get ova it.before u get hurt.cause u will get hurt if u subconsciously try to make him change his mind.u will make him trynna spare ya feelins and bein a frien into trying to avoid you and wind up treatin u shittey because he think ya a psycho or bein aggressive lmao even though u genuinely dont mean any harm (sometimes. with me that is the case).thats not excusin the fact that they avoidin.cause its shady and foul but still.dont assume or over think IT DOES DAMAGE! just let the shit ride.if a nigga wants you and is mature with his shit he will hit you up.he wont be lying about shit he should be honest about.and it will really be known no questions ask that hes feeling with that said open ya blinds and dont be blinded by lust or u bein attracted to them or w.e else.PAY ATTENTION!.

p.s i need to take my advice that im saying right now lmao

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