Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Flaws.

  • im very opinionated this is always a good thing AND a bad thing.meanin i might say some shit that i shouldnt.or if i should say it it still gets me in some shit neways.and most of the times that is the case i say how i feel i should because i know i need to say somethin but that still gets me into shit
  • im lazy as fuck. and procrastinate heavily.i feel like these will be my barriers for why i wont be successful if i dont cut it out.
  • i really get disappointed in people when they do me shittey.even if i seen it comin or had an idea.
  • i put up with people's shit a little bit too much.and that makes me an emotional wreck.sometimes i dont know how i should feel or what i should say.even when its already said and done.
  • i dont like to hide my feelins.why hide it be honest with the shit that u should be.i can only do that for so long of hidin before i go off.if u see that im ever worked up about somethin you better know damn well theres more to it then what u choose to see.
  • i actually do give a fuck. a fuck too much.i let shit get to me that shouldnt because i over think everything.i worry too much.i try to make sense of everythin and solve every problem. i cant just leave most shit alone.because it will eat at me forever.and i feel to avoid shit sometimes is the pussy way out.
  • but when i say i dont give a fuck i mainly mean it.
  • i want people to admit when they're wrong or lying.and when they dont im still pushy about it like i can change they're minds.and that comes off as annoyin when i dont mean for it to.
  • i will always remember that shittey thing that u did.i can never get passed it.i may move on but its still tattooed in my mind word for word play by play.fuck forgiving and forgetting.
  • i crush on alot of people.and hard.usually thats for niggas who dont see me in that i may try too hard and not realize.and thats why i get fucked ova.and it hurts me bad and makes me feel shittey and vulnerable and emotional even more so then i am.
i wish u could understand me.but u still dont.or u choose not to because u think you fuck you.

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