Friday, October 23, 2009

you're a good dude..but she doesnt see it

this is similar to my we females try to hard post. its like the same thing with your a good female but he doesnt see goes hand in hand.the truth may be that your not their type.and i know its like wtf but he/she is paying attn to these assholes and complain about how they treat her/him shittey when im RIGHT here. THINK about it.pause.your there as a frien ALL the time.a shoulda to cry on. a person to vent show that u actually give a fuck about their life.ask how there doin let them know ya that shoulder.ride or die blah w.e but she/he doesnt notice.more then likely they do.or not that much.especially if your so obvious with it.they just choose to ignore it or be in denial because they see your a good person and frien but they dont feel the same way and dont want to hurt you by bein honest. no you would hurt the person less by being honest.break it to them gently.and appreciate when the person is mature enough to let you know whats good.i know it sucks.why cant i be your type? or be MORE of your type. u need to STOP say fuck you and FALL BACK. your only going to hurt yourself more.sometimes youll come into a situation where it feels like they are emotionally using you.your the re-bound for when that otha main person is not there.or is no longer there.OR maybe they confuse u cause they say certain shit that makes it seem as though they might be feelin you.they may be leadin u on and not noticing.but if it seems more so that they dont see u in that way or are playin you?FUCK THEM keep it movin.i know it is easier said then done.but at the same time its not that hard.YOU make it will be better takes time.but dont waste time either.

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