Friday, October 23, 2009

why cant we talk shit out?

and this question i think more so goes towards the niggas.because yall dont like to talk shit out for the most part.MOST of’d rather shut me out or diss me before letting me know there is a problem.i think its so the confrontational type of person. i like to confront you with if i feel there is tension or if i KNOW there is tension.and try to resolve to some solution on fixing the shit.i guess thats how im more mature then u are? idk. but most the people i fucks with are 18 and older so what is the problem? u will sit there and shut someone out before letting them know that you have a problem with something that they do.OR shut them out and diss them before they have the chance to confront you about ya shit.its really shittey.and then u have us feelin as though we did somethin.when REGARDLESS if we did or didnt YOU didnt handle it the best that you should have.and now you look like the asshole because u over did would ratehr tell someone else thats NOT them before you tell the person u have a problem with,THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THEM!just talk shit out and work it out.confront the person ya old enough to do that.but yeah why dont yall?is it because ya in denial? because u dont wanna feel or look like the asshole even though u already do? because u dont care? just answer that

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