Friday, October 30, 2009

its kinda hard to NOT feel lonely when your single for awhile

this is how i honestly i could feel good you know.i feel im good lookin got a nice body and personality.maybe im talkin to someone or im just flirtin and there flirtin back or whatever the case is.but you always get those random lonely feelins like this isnt good enough.the flirtin isnt good enough.the type a dudes i want to recognize me in THAT type of way are not.he payn attn to her and not me.or maybe hes payn attn but not that much.u honestly start to feel a bit insecure.and i hate it because for the most part i am secure with myself.i dont like feelin i try to ignore that “lonely” feelin.but it always randomly creeps up on me.someone once told me feelin “lonely” is a state of mind. you only think u feel that way when your tired of the same ol shit. i think that person was absolutely tired of not bein recognized by the types of dudes im into.or if i do (for the most part i do) they some shittey not goin to be bitter enough and put walls up.cause then how will i ever find that right person? i just wish i could feel more confident with bein single its been a little over a year.i just wanna good lookin NON douche bag that can be consistent of actin right.and not consistent of actin foul and wishy washy.

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