Sunday, November 15, 2009


MOTHAFUCKING YESSSS! lol arent you happy for meee? =] after 2 yrs since my first job and never feeling like i was going to get hired it FINALLY happened!

i started goin back to class again maybe almost a month ago and my former job training teacher there told me about a few jobs hiring.she told me to apply online and that she would go to these places and give them our know to like give us an upper hand.last week my former job training teacher called me and told me that jcpennystold her they might want to consider me! and that i seem really fit for the job and know customer service.i waited a few days to see if theyw ould call cause she told me they would but i eventually said fuck it i dont wanna miss this chance called myself got ahold of the lady who was trying to get ahold of me and got an interview monday! then i got a 2nd interview thursday.and the lady seemed like she already knew what position she wanted to put me in!(no nasty not in THAT way) and i was like SOO what ya sayin is I GOT THE JOB?! and she was like yeah i think we're going to do it! i was like YESS! lmao :)

only thing is its a seasonal position =/ figures.i knew more then likely this was gonna happen cause it is that time of the year. but they said if i do well enough and let them know i want to stay then they def have no problem with hopefully it all works outtt.and im almost done covering everything i need to with my math so i can pass my last GED test and go to college in the spring.well spring if im still workin but winter if they "lay me off" we all know that means fired -__- at least for my last job it did!cause those suckas never had me come back to fuckin work!.but depending on how it goes for my test and if i pass that will determine if i go in the fall which is january or the spring cause i want to be occupied.but yes folks thats whats been the deal with mwah :)

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